About Red Cat Graphics

Don’t get me wrong. I love my day job. I have the best job in the world and I love the team of folks I work with like crazycakes. We are going places, no doubt.

So why am I here, with my own in-world studio? In a word, balance.

I am a seriously playful person and it shows in my design. Currently, my real world clients are trending on the serious side. I deliver polished, elegant graphic solutions to them that match the seriousness of their various missions. The playful side of me is starving for a little action.

I’ve been putting my real-world design skills to work in-world for some time now. Recently, I had the pleasure of designing several event posters for Team Caledon’s Relay For Life events. I’ve also designed business signage and other graphics for in-world endeavors. It’s fun. It lets the playful side of me out to, well, play.

I play a lot in Second Life. Again, it’s all about balance. I decided to bring my second life into balance with my first life by creating new opportunities to pursue design work, develop relationships with new clients, and feed the playful side of my creativity.

If there’s a vision I can help you realize, let me know.